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David James

The late David James studied fine art, art history and Arabic at the University of Durham. He worked in Omdurman, Dublin, Cairo and London. He was the author of several works on the art of the Islamic book including: Qur'ans and Bindings from the Chester Beatty Library (1980), Islamic Treasures of the Chester Beatty Library (1981), Qur'ans of the Mamlūks (1988), The Master Scribes (1991) and numerous articles in scholarly publications.

He published two translations of mediaeval Arabic histories of Islamic Spain: The History of Ibn al-Qūṭīya (2010) and A History of Early al-Andalus, the Akhbār Majmūʿa (2011). The present work on Arab painting is based on material collected for a post-graduate dissertation at the School of Oriental Studies, University of Durham.

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A Masterpiece of Arab Painting - The 'Schefer' Maqāmāt Manuscript in Context

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