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David Wilmshurst

DAVID WILMSHURST was educated at Worcester College, Oxford, where he took a first-class BA degree in Classics (1979) and a DPhil degree in Oriental Studies (1998). He has spent much of his life in Hong Kong, and is one of the few modern scholars of the Church of the East who can read both Syriac, Arabic and Chinese. He first became interested in the Church of the East during a visit in 1988 to Ch'uan-chou in southern China, whose city museum housed a fascinating collection of Nestorian tombstones from Marco Polo's time.

Presently working as Academic Editor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Wilmshurst is the author of The Ecclesiastical Organisation of the Church of the East, 1318 - 1913 (Louvain, 2000), a study hailed as 'an indispensable research tool for students of the Church of the East and Syriac scholars'.

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The Martyred Church - A History of the Church of the East

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