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Eastward Ho! - Diplomats, Travellers and Explorers of the Middle East and Beyond, 1600-1940

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The fifteen studies making up this book represent a concern of the author - who began as a historian of Britain and Europe and then shifted his interests eastwards - in the interaction of Westerners, here in the main Britons, with the Islamic East and beyond. In the earlier years this involved mainly the journeys and explorations of diplomatic envoys and consuls, merchants and missionaries, sprinkled with aristocrats and gentry on the Grand Tour around the Mediterranean lands. But in the early nineteenth century were added such factors as the intellectual and artistic curiosity of scholars and antiquarians lured on by exotic lands and peoples and by the buildings and objets d'art there, plus, from mid-century onwards, a growing body of non-professionals, leisured persons and sightseers, the forerunners of the mass tourism of the twentieth century. The various experiences and discoveries of individuals from all these groups are here described and discussed.


C.E. Bosworth was Professor of Arabic Studies at Manchester University and was a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Exeter University. He was a Fellow of the British Academy and an Honorary Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

He was British Editor of the second edition of the Encyclopaedia of Islam and edited two volumes of the UNESCO History of Civiizations of Central Asia. The topics of his books range from the mediaeval Islamic underworld and studies on Arab and Persian history to the travels in the Levant and North Africa of the seventeenth-century Scot, William Lithgow of Lanark.

137 x 216mm, 288 pages, hardback
ISBN 978 1 907318 11 5
Published: 23 October 2012


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