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Sarah Searight

Sarah Searight is a well-travelled writer and historian, specialising in the Middle East. She comes from a family long involved in the region; her grandmother founded the Brooke Hospital for Animals that operates all over the region, and her father built up a celebrated art collection devcoted to the region, now in the V&A. Sarah herself worked for many years as a journalist focusing mainly on regional cultural and economic issues.

Previous publications include The British in the Middle East, New Orleans: a historical view, Steaming East: how steam transport developed on ancient trade routes between Europe and India and Yemen: Land and People. All these writings, like the most recent Lapis Lazuli: In Pursuit of a Celestial Stone (East & West 2010), are the result of travelling with an eye on historical background, on those who have lived, worked and also travelled, particularly in the Middle East and Central Asia, over the centuries. For Sarah Searight the writing of Lapis Lazuli has been like a treasure hunt gathering together her experiences of the history and culture of a region so central to our understanding of the past.

Current titles by Sarah Searight published by East & West Publishing:

LAPIS LAZULI – In Pursuit of a Celestial Stone

"This is an endlessly interesting book of immense learning, extensive travel with engrossing byways, and profound devotion to its subject." Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, April 2011, pp. 95-96

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